like you know, my name is Jeremy Templier, i'm studying computing at Polytech'Nice-Sopahie, ingenier school.

I'm from Nice, place where i've begin to learn C++ by myself while i passed the baccalauréat Scientific. After it, i've been accepted at the IUT (university institute and technology )of Nice , to extend my skills in computing, then i joined my current school, Polytech'Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

In 2009, i started to learn the Objectiv-C, and iPhone development (by myself too), and i made some games like a set of hangman games (with "Pendu Geo", first Educative Game and Word Games for months), i also made the snake, which has been 1st of the french free applications for weeks !

In collaboration with Rayan Arnaout, and Frederik Holmstrom, we have try the Mobi'Life 2010 contest, organized by Big5Media, Sun Microsystems, Orange etc. After being qualified for the finals, we won the special price of the jury, with the Event Manager project, an iPhone - Android application.

In 2010, seeing that my application have success, i decided to create ma very small company as auto-entrepreneur, and the adventure only begin ...

Jérémy Templier.

Francais - English